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1 wet feed (especially for pigs) consisting of mostly kitchen waste mixed with water or skimmed or sour milk [syn: slop, swill, pigswill, pigwash]
2 cheap clothing (as issued to sailors)

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  1. Scraps that will be fed to animals.
    I don't mind slopping the hogs, I just mind the stench of the slops.

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For contemporary styles see Pantyhose, Hosiery
Hose are any of various styles of men's clothing for the legs and lower body, worn from the Middle Ages through the seventeenth century, when the term fell out of use in favor of breeches and stockings. (See also trousers.)
Early hose were fitted to the leg, and fifteenth century hose were often particolored, having each leg a different color, or even one leg made of two colors. These early hose were footed, in the manner of modern tights, and were open from the crotch to the leg. When very short doublets were in fashion, codpieces were added to cover the front opening.
By the sixteenth century, hose had separated into two garments: upper hose or breeches and nether hose or stockings.
From the mid-sixteeth to early seventeenth centuries, a variety of styles of hose were in fashion. Popular styles included:
  • Trunk hose or round hose, short padded hose. Very short trunk hose were worn over cannions, fitted hose that ended above the knee.
  • Slops or galligaskins, loose hose reaching just below the knee.
Trunk hose and slops could be paned or pansied, with strips of fabric (panes) over a full inner layer or lining.
  • Pluderhosen, a Northern European form of pansied slops with a very full inner layer pulled out between the panes and hanging below the knee.
  • Venetians, semi-fitted hose reaching just below the knee.


Janet Arnold: Patterns of Fashion: the cut and construction of clothes for men and women 1560-1620, Macmillan 1985. Revised edition 1986. (ISBN 0-89676-083-9)

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